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Attention Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Health Experts!  

We have the knowledge and training to help our clients.  

I know you can help people. 

We are the experts.  So what is the problem?

Clincians frequently express frustration about their ability to influence patient behavior, especially when they see the negative impact of that behavior on the patient’s health.  We know that compliance to a treatment plan may be very important in producing positive outcomes.Clinicians may be well-versed in how specific behavior changes can improve health; however, they are not equipped to help clients make these changes. 


It is simple. 

What are we NOT taught in school?
We are not taught how to provide evidenced-based counseling techniques within the scope of our practice that are
1.  Based on the individualized client
2. Proven effective to facilitate change
3.  Work within the given context 


 Yes, it is what you do not “know” 

or really have not been taught that is hurting you.

Counseling Skills for Dietitians Course has been 
approved by CDR for EIGHT CPE.



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